Friday, July 27, 2007

"The Simpsons Movie"

I heard that most of the writers over the last 18 seasons of The Simpsons were brought back for the movie. They should pay them to stick around for season 19. Unlike the last several years of the show about America's favorite yellow people (they're drawn that way you racist!) this movie was funny. It has the funniest nude gag I've seen since Borat and enough great lines to make me want to go back and see it again. Plus, the Spiderpig song got stuck in my head and is slowly making me go insane. That actually might not be a good point. Forget you read that last part. Look...a clown!

Bottom line: Homer make Jay laugh.
Limerick: There once was a swine named Spiderpig
He belonged to a Simpson whose brain was not big
He pooped in a can
Homer went on the lam
Then I laughed till I choked on the coke I swigged
Overall Rating: Rockin' good flick!

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colin boyd said...

i found this, in it's entirety, upsetting. would you stop?h